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The Hammond Hire Company (HHC). Formerly known as Octave Hire & Octave Classics
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Welcome to our Web site. Alpha Entek, our family business, has over 50 years experience in the Music industry and a long established reputation for professional, courteous service.

Restoration of the best classic Electro-mechanical & analogue electronic musical instruments to an uncompromising standard. We stay in touch with modern technologies, which may produce future classics.

Service: Classic & modern musical instruments and equipment. Repair, customising, setting up & tuning etc. Alpha Entek treats customers as friends and respects their Privacy: Although many are famous, we don't publish names.

For Hire: H.H.C.'s Classic Instruments & Equipment. Available for broadcast, recording studio and selected live performance use etc.

British specification Hammond B3s & C3s, covering the range of production years, with matching Leslie and/or PR-40 Cabinets. Tiny's Split A100, heard on many famous recordings & live performances.

Rhodes Stage & Suitcase pianos, Wurlitzer Electric Pianos, Hohner Clavinets, accurately tuned & set up. Reliable classic synths, Minimoog, Prophet Five, Oberheim 4 Voice, 8 Voice, et al. Link to Hire

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Hammond Tone Wheel organs, Rhodes & Fender Rhodes electric pianos. Wurlitzer electric pianos, Hohner Clavinet clavichords,

Other Electro-Mechanical Classics & Leslie rotary speakers,

Electronic favourites include: Minimoog analogue synthesisers, the Moog Voyager series, original Taurus 1 pedals etc.   VOX Continental organs etc.

We repair other electronic classics to a high standard: Sequential analogue & digital hybrid synthesisers.

Oberheim analogue synthesizers, ARP synthesisers, early Roland, Yamaha & Korg analogue synthesisers etc.

We also service other early instruments, includng many less well known or rare American & European analogue synthesisers.

Musical instrument restoration, repair, service, updating, theory. 50 Years in the U.K. (G.B.) Music Industry. If you are in Britain (England), Caledonia (Scotland), Cymru (Wales), Eire (Southern Ireland), Ulster (Northern Ireland) or many other countries. Just remember, with modern transport, it's a small World.

Links to pages covering some of my personal interests. Sections on music technology, music theory, tuning & harmony. Harmonic deviation (inharmonicity), various scales & intonation systems.

The behaviour of piano strings, design features & constraints. Building techniques, materials used & characteristics. Modern & traditional electronic theory. Electrical & electromagnetic theory.

My opinions on the Universe, physics, reality, relativity & associated subjects are also included.