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Physics is the study of reality, the physical properties of things, substances & energy. At least a basic understanding is essential to advancement in electrical engineering & electronics.

The question is often asked 'Why is physics such a dense & impenetrable subject?'

The answer is very simple: Because it is a subject devised by physicists. The two groups sharing a common root both, in common with naturalists, rely on dead languages. Physicians use Latin or early Greek as the basis for their art.

For a very long time the use of words derived from extinct languages set them apart from their patients, or victims. Since no one else could understand them, their social standing & high salaries were safe. This technique has served well for many groups, see 'Rhyming Slang' on the 'SPELL' page.

Naturalists use the same principle, this makes them sound erudite & clever. After all, 'gastropod' sounds a lot more technical than 'one footed slimy thing' or 'slug'. Like schoolboys however, they still pull the wings off flies.

Then there are physicists, their rhyming slang is the use of ancient Greek letters or symbols. Allied to complex mathematics of doubtful usefulness. After all, how can nature, evolved from the elegant simplicity of the atom, require such involved calculation to make it work?

Again the answer is simple, it is not required. A general rule throughout existence is that the simplest answer is usually correct. Not so with physics, enveloping that simplicity with an arithmetic fog maintains the status quo, preventing us from all understanding the subject.

Dead languages are not taught in working class schools, that keeps US in our place.

We Wish ALL the Universe Peace, Justice, Equality, Prosperity & an End to Fanaticism