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Word of Mouth Jazz Word of Mouth's site has information, pictures, video clips & jazz music clips etc.

A very talented & highly musical band.

Peter Pringle, Theremin artiste Peter Pringle is an amazingly gifted musician and Theremin player. His site has beautiful examples of his work, together with pictures of several generations of Theremin. In English or Francaise.

Direct to English version. Directement a la mode de langue Francaise.

Nichael Harrison, Harmonic Piano Michael Harrison is a Composer & Pianist. His work on just intonation spans many years & is best described in his own words. An interesting & informative site.

Kyle Gann is a Composer, Musicologist & Musician. His informative site is a useful resource for musicians. It includes pages on historical tunings, Just Intonation & the history of pitch intervals.

Cherry Wainer, Hammond organ player Cherry Wainer was responsible, at least in part, for starting my early interest in Hammond organs.

Whilst still a teenager, I attended a concert by Cherry at Woolwich Odeon. At that time it was a rough town, where the cinemas' clientele were prone to rip up the seats.

She held them all, silent & spellbound for the entire show. No mean feat for one girl and a quilted B3. This links to the 'Oh Boy' site, a lot of information about the late '50s T.V. show & its artistes.

Feline 1 is a Musician in the South of England. His site has information & examples of work etc. Plus an opportunity to download music files.

This line links to his 'MySpace' page, which includes audio.

This line links to some of the instruments he uses & useful MIDI implementation charts.

Steinar Sønk Nickelsen is a Norwegian musician currently living in Copenhagen, Denmark. He is at present most active with the Norwegian organtrio JUPITER. His main instrument is the Hammond B3, he also plays other classic keyboards, the piano & church organ. His jazz orientated site includes, pictures, information & downloadable MP3 files.
The Jupiter Trio, Live at Glenn Miller Cafe, Stockholm, (featuring Jonas Kullhammar).

Clips from all the tunes on their latest CD, which is also available for purchase.


In memory of Doctor Robert Moog. Pioneer & innovator in electronic synthesis
Moog Synthesisers, 50 years of synthesis Moog Music, originators of electronic music synthesis. Over 50 years of electronic synthesisers & Theremins etc. The Piano Bar for MIDI from an acoustic piano. Moogerfooger effects & control units etc.
Be the First and SAVE MONEY. An exclusive factory Piano Bar promotion launches.
Have you been wanting a Moog PianoBar ? If so, now IS the time to buy.
We hope soon to feature information and reviews on current models from their range. For the classics, follow the Moog link from our Home page or click on these lines.

Kenton Electronics, MIDI equipment Kenton Electronics. Innovative MIDI equipment, Controllers, Wireless MIDI, MIDI to CV converters etc.

MIDI retrofit kits for various older synthesisers, electronic pianos & drum machines.
Flexible rubber keyboards, powered by dry cells or USB. Music software etc.

Roland Roland. Designing the future.
(They also have an enviable & well deserved reputation for customer support.)

Current models from an innovative and respected market leader.
To see how long some of their gear can last, see our Classics/Roland page.

Roland Roland: International. Designing the future.

This is the International site for this innovative and respected market leader.

To see how long some of their gear can last, see our Classics/Roland page.

Rodgers   Rodgers Organs. The world's finest digital and hybrid classical organs. The United Kingdom team is dedicated to providing the best possible service to current and potential Rodgers owners.

Compton Organs. Digital Church and home organs.

Clavia DMI AB. Nord Lead Clavia DMI AB. Nord Lead Clavia DMI, Svenska
Nord Lead 2X & Rack 2X. Virtual Analogue Synthesiser
Nord Lead 3 & Rack 3, Analogue modelling & FM
Nord Modular G2, versatile physical modelling & FM
Nord Electro 2, emulation of Electro-Mechanical classics

Yamaha YAMAHA. Over a Century of Quality & Innovation.
From traditional grand pianos through to the latest electronics.
Almost uniquely amongst manufacturers, they have a highly developed campaign for music education.

A subject dear to my heart, as will be seen elsewhere on this site.

Carlsbro Logo The Carlsbro range of Professional Audio Equipment & Amplification inherits over 40 Years of history & innovation.
For a copy of their Catalogue or further information please call.

Lowther Logo
Lowther Loudspeaker Systems Limited.
An industry leader in loudspeaker technology for many years.

Rhodes Music Corporation.

Makers of Rhodes pianos.

Rhodes Supersite, dedicated to Fender Rhodes pianos & their owners The Super Site. Developed by and for Fender Rhodes enthusiasts. As a technical and historical resource for owners and players of vintage Rhodes pianos (1965-1984).
Spares etc. suppliers.

Goff Professional
Goff Professional is a Hammond Organ and Leslie Speaker pro shop. We specialize in the spinning scream and growl that can only come from a vintage Hammond B-3 and Leslie 122.
Small New England company with an outstanding reputation, the best from 'across the pond' Amplifier spares, valves, hardware & accessories. Tolex, fabric & speaker cloth etc. Supplying a wide range of high quality materials & parts. Many are authentic original replacements, for classic models.

A World wide service, reasonably priced, helpful & prompt.

Their site has not been fully operational for some time. Hopefully it will be all singing & dancing before long.

Vintage Planet, difficult to obtain synthesiser ICs, spares etc.
Vintage Planet. A resource for Vintage Synthesiser owners and repairers. Mail order stockists of difficult to obtain ICs and other spares.

Friendly, helpful and very useful.

Mark 5
Mark 5.
An ethical supplier of obsolete and hard to find semiconductors.
Mark 5

Kimber-Allen, organ parts makers & stockists Kimber-Allen. Long established makers and suppliers of organ parts. With an international reputation for high quality and design excellence. Direct supply, reasonable prices, friendly, fast service, helpful and knowledgable advice.

 < < Recommended > > E-Mail;

Ballicom International Ballicom International.

By far the best computer and parts stockist we have found. Our networks are built using cases, boards, CPUs and peripherals from Ballicom. Prices are unbeatable in our experience, quality and backup are good. Friendly and knowledgable service. We are satisfied customers, more than we can say about some of our suppliers.

Bytes & PCs.

The first excellent computer and parts store we came across. Lower prices than most, friendly and knowledgable service. After many years, we are still using them, this says it all.


Accessories and replacement parts. For Hammond organs and Leslie speakers. The Hohner Clavinet resource site.
"Dedicated to the preservation of the funkiest instrument known to man.", Clavinet information & spares etc. Hohner Clavinet & Pianet models. "New Old Stock" or new remanufactured spares for these classic instruments. Top quality parts & information.
< < Recommended > >

Rhodes pianos, Hammond Organs, Leslie speakers. Speakeasy Vintage Music. Hammond Organs, Rhodes Pianos, Wurlitzer Pianos, Leslie Speakers. Sales, Spares & Accessories.

Major Key, dedicated to Fender Rhodes pianos & their owners Major Key. Suppliers of new & original spare parts for classic Rhodes pianos. A resource for owners, engineers, repairers & tuners.

Rapid Electronics,component stockists
Rapid is one of the U.K.'s leading distributors of electrical and electronic components to industry and education.

See our Education product range at Rapid Education. Our extensive product range includes: batteries, electronic components, electrical cables, audio/video components, connectors, LEDs, semiconductors, health & safety equipment, office products, computer products, and test equipment.

Available for same-day despatch and FREE UK delivery on orders over £25 (ex. VAT)

Credit Account customers: Contact Rapid now on 01206 751166 to set-up your account for online ordering.

Axminster Tools Axminster Power Tool Centre - Offering our customers an extensive range of quality, value for money tools and machinery. Supported by a premium service, delivered by a team of friendly, efficient and knowledgeable staff.

After sales service.

We have purchased a number of items from them, one machine tool gave trouble from day one. A 'phone call to customer support and the spare part required arrived next day. This is the kind of support all companies should provide. Things can & do go wrong. It's what the supplier does about it that sorts out the sheep from the goats. Axminster have passed this test, recommended.

Instrument etc. Retailers.

Harp Depot

Harps, harmonicas, dulcimers, accordions and many other acoustic instruments etc. Mail order sales and support.

Amadeus Piano Co., Inc. Piano Sales & Purchase
Amadeus Piano Company.

Piano Sales, Purchase & Storage etc. Nationwide Tuning & Appraisal etc. Repairs & Restoration. Anywhere in the Continental U.S.A.

InstrumentPro InstrumentPro. Musical Instrument Online Retailer. We have over 7,000 products in our catalogue. Lowest prices on the net, the best service and Free Shipping!

Thomann Cyberstore Thomann. An international Internet & mail order retail supplier. Wide range of top name musical instruments & equipment at competitive prices. Plus 'own brand' items.

Some of our customers use this company, finding the prices, service & support excellent.
Unusual in the retail music trade anywhere.

  In memory of Doctor Robert Moog. The pioneer who shaped today's electronic music.  
Importers of Moog Synthesisers, 50 years of synthesis, Big Briar
Turnkey sell the Voyager Synthesisers, Theremins, the Piano Bar, Moogerfooger effects & Control Processors built by Moog Music in the U.S.A. Dr. R.A. Moog is the originator of successful electronic music synthesis. Over 50 years of electronic synthesisers & Theremins.
Until recently, Moog instruments were sold under the Big Briar brand, for trademark reasons described on the Moog page. I believe this problem is now resolved.
Unfortunately the Sound Control Group, including Turnkey, has recently gone into administration. 10 of the Group's stores have apparently shut, the remainder are still trading. I do not know the situation regarding future guarantee support. This should be born in mind and checked on if making a purchase.

Rhodes Supersite, dedicated to Fender Rhodes pianos & their owners The Super Site. Developed by and for Fender Rhodes enthusiasts. As a technical and historical resource for owners and players of vintage Rhodes pianos (1965-1984).

The Ultimate Odyssey
The Ultimate


Information Resource Page

Historical, Technical & operational information on ARP's most successful classic.

Combo Organ Heaven

Combo Organ Heaven.
An informative resource for owners of & enthusiasts for combo electronic organs.

Vintage Synth Explorer

Vintage Synth Explorer.
An ever-growing source of reviews, images, sound bytes and links for over 500 popular vintage synthesizers and samplers including many brand new hardware and software synths!

Dedicated to Theatre Organs & their Players Theatre Organs
Extensive & infomative. Many pictures & links to other useful sites.

Dedicated to Jazz Organs & their Players International Archives for the Jazz Organ

Dedicated to Jazz Organ Enthusiasts & Players Worldwide.
Information, MP3 Downloads, Links & More.

Hall of Electric Pianos Simon's Hall of Electric Pianos
A comprehensive illustrated list of models.
Music services etc.

Amadeus Music Center
Amadeus Music Center: Your tri-state source for in-home music lessons, brass, woodwind, and string instruments. Complete piano service, local and nationwide piano moving. An authorized Amati-Strunal dealer - visit our online store today!

Dedicated to Hammond Organs & their Players The Hammond Zone

Dedicated to Hammond Organs.

SampleSense, Music Production, Samples, Links etc.
Music Production, Music Sample Downloads, Associated Music Links etc.

QUEEP, Organic Music Production, supporting indepenent & unsigned artistes.
QUEEP (Organic) Music
Supporting Independent & Unsigned Artistes. Music Downloads, Associated Music Links etc.

Instant Sounds, Professional Sounds for Muis Production
Pro Sounds for Music Production. Downloads, Associated Music Links etc.

Sample Producer, Professional Sounds for Muis Production
Sample Producer
Resource for professional sample producers. A market for your work. Associated Music Links etc.

Clarion Insurance. Musicians' Insurance Services.
Clarion Insurance, a specialised service for Musicians. U.S.A. based, Worldwide coverage.
A company that knows the difference between Classic & New Instruments.

Electric Blues Club. Electric Blues Club,
for Musicians., for Singers.
For the Singer in You.

Gig & Guide, U.K. Gig & Events Guide, U.K.
Advertise your gigs or events free.

Musicians' Union, for all Musicians. Musicians' Union
For All Musicians.

Music Lessons Now, Associated Links
Music Lessons Now
A comprehensive listing of music tutors in the U.K., Ireland, Channel Isles & the Isle of Man.

Red Kite

The RED KITE Stereo Mic' Amp' E.Q.
Pure Class A, Discrete Technology, Original CADAC Units.
The Ideal Partner to any Pro-Tools System.
Available for Hire, call for Details or Demonstration.

E-Mail us for hire, repairs, orders etc.

Telephone Tiny: 0207 288 0037 or 07710 723814

Hammond Hire Company
The Hammond Hire Company
First Class Classic Instrument & Equipment Hire.
The Best Anywhere. For Studio, Stage, Recording or Broadcast.
A Wide Range Available for Hire, call for Details.

E-Mail us for hire, repairs, orders etc.

Telephone Tiny: 0207 288 0037 or 07710 723814

Thelonious Monk site
Thelonious Monk.
The Official Thelonious Sphere Monk Web site. Including Thelonious Records.

Thelonious Monk Piano Resources.
A list of links to various piano related sites.

Piano Storage Piano
Our new state-of-the-art storage and restoration facility is now open for business!
Site includes a link directory.
Various services etc.

Federation of Small Businesses Federation of Small Businesses

An organisation for all running a business in Great Britain.
Whatever your business, the FSB works for You.

Visit W3Schools A valuable free resource for anyone updating their site, to modernise it and/or provide Standards Compliance.

W3C Validation Service W3C Markup Validation Service, a free facility, enabling you to check that your site's HTML code is fully Standards Compliant.

Note that our site, (the one you are currently reading), is not yet Standards Compliant, it is still mostly written in old fashioned HTML. We will work on it, slowly, watch this space.

Visit Javascript.internet A free resource, providing Javascript tutorials & useful free scripts for download. Recommended.

FactBites, a search engine & encyclopedia FactBites, a search engine & encyclopedia Factbites.
What do you get if you cross a search engine with an encyclopedia?
Factbites - a new way to search the web.

A resource for job-seekers and employers in Kent A resource for job-seekers and employers in Kent.

46 High Street, Sevenoaks, Kent. TN13 1JG

Tel: 0845 226 0551 - Fax: 0845 226 0552


Diaryland, free online diary Diaryland, a free online diary.
Link directories etc.

Everyclick. A search engine that raises money for charity as you use it.
Enter a search word or phrase in the box. Then click on "Search".

Synth Zone, links to synthesiser information sites etc. Synth Zone. An informative site for synthesiser owners. Synth Zone's aim is to ease the search for synthesizer & electronic music production resources on the Internet.

Play Piano, Keyboard Workshop Directory of Piano & Music Sites!

(Destined to soon be the world's largest!)

Star Pages for Music Recording Artists
Star Pages for jazz, rock, rap, R&B, country and western pop, and folk nostalgia. Buy and sell music memorabilia, CDs, books, video recordings and more. Vote for your favorite artists.

Go2Audio Go2Audio: The Web's biggest directory of sites related to audio, including hi-fi and home theater, pro audio, the audio and music industries, Internet and broadcast radio.
Audio World Audio World Audio & Music Industry news. Features & Directory of sites. Music Production, Samples, Links etc.

A guide to music related websites & more., links to various sites etc. A categorised general directory site, useful to anyone searching Worldwide. In several languages., links to Rhodes Piano sites etc. - Links to sites relating to the Rhodes Piano.
General music links directory.

 Electronics and Electrical Web Directory
Electronics and Electrical Web Directory. Home Page and General Web Directory., a comprehensive Web search engine. A comprehensive general Web search engine.
Various sites etc.

Foleshill Baptist Church. Foleshill Baptist Church, Coventry.

A campaigning evangelical Church. Small, dynamic, with a friendly family atmosphere. Always active, not just on Sundays. Mums and Tots on Mondays. Alpha courses, International Cafe and much more.

Coventry Masihi Sangat.

Baptist Union of Great Britain.

WIKIPEDIA The Free Encyclopedia
    The free encyclopedia for the Web. The Lecher wire system. Articles & links relating to one of the early breakthroughs in the study of electromagnetic waves.

A free reference encyclopedia for the Web.
Lecher wires. Articles & links relating to an early breakthrough in the study of electromagnetic waves.

Alpha Entek, repair, tuning & restoration Established in 1968, we specialise in classic Electro-Mechanical & analogue electronic musical instruments.
Repair, tuning & restoration.
We also service good modern instruments etc.
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R.K. Joinery. Custom Joinery, Shop fitting, UPVC or Timber Windows. General Building work, House Repairs & refurbishment etc. Grant Work, Extensions, Rewiring, Roofing & Plumbing. Double Glazing, supplying & fitting on site.
In the Coventry Area
Contact Raj on: 02476 682193 or 07956 456718

We Wish ALL the World Peace, Justice, Prosperity and an End to Fanaticism

To advertise here contact Alpha Entek


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