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A benefactor builds a beautiful house, nicely decorated, furnished & carpeted. Then allows a problem family to live in it, trusting that the gift will resolve their troubles and reform them.

The family take no care of the house, letting it fall into disrepair. They carve or break up the furniture. Allow their children to paint graffiti on the walls, tear the wallpaper & gouge the plaster etc.

In the luxuriant garden, they chop down the trees, kill the animals for fun & dump rubbish. Do they retain tenure of the house? Would not the owner exercise his right, to evict them and repossess it?

Yet that family's behaviour is the equivalent of what we are doing to this planet !

We humans share Earth with all other life. We do not own her, we are merely tenants. We originate from her, she nurtures us, feeds us & provides for our needs.

It is our responsibility to care for her, not vandalise & destroy what has been created for us. Otherwise we will eventually face eviction.
Ron Lebar: 2005.


On the 27th of January, we celebrated the anniversary of the liberation of Auswich. We must never forget, lest it could happen again. What will happen when the last survivors of the death camps are no longer able to tell their tale?

Nearly sixty-four years on from the end of the Second World War, we should remember the millions slaughtered by 'human' evil. None, who did not experience it, can know the suffering that man inflicted on fellow man.

The same day was Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart's birthday, he was born 252 years ago. It is sobering to reflect on this, the World's most beautiful music, and the World's greatest evil. Both growing out of the same country and society.

It must be recognised that these atrocities were not committed by just a few evil men. An entire society was implicated, either actively or by not standing up for human rights. The type of person who gloried in those obscene activities is still with us, apparently a throwback to a pre-human existence.

Many in this country were sympathetic to the Nazi party and its policies. Many still have similar views, some covertly and some overtly. Programmes of ethnic extermination have been started in various countries around the World, using a variety of methods. The modern euphemism is 'ethnic cleansing'.

Constant vigilence & education is required to prevent the same thing happening again. Here, in what we call the developed or civilised world. Certain people with vested right wing interests deny the Holocaust ever happened, some others choose to believe them.

To a greater or lesser extent it still goes on. The genocide in Rwanda, the mass Serbian military rape of Muslim women and the slaughter of their men in the Balkans. Late 20th century examples of this dark side to our race.

Lebanon & Gazza.

What can one say about the humanitarian disasters and loss of life in these countries?

Where there was hope at last, after years of bloodshed, now there is only hopelessness, anger and despair.

Israel was attacked by terrorists, or freedom fighters, it depends from where you are looking. Their disproportionate response devastated two countries in the embrionic stages of democracy, free nationhood, peace and prosperity.

Now there is ruination, death and overloaded hospitals. The question has been widely asked, who are the terrorists?

The modern state of Israel was a beacon of hope for Jewish people everywhere. Its origins in 1948, out of terrorism, civilian atrocities and biological warfare largely forgotten. But not any more.

Our Government stands accused, of falling in behind America, of doing too little, too late. O.K. we are no longer a super-power, but together with the European Union we could have made a difference.

Israel would not have engaged in the bloodbath, without the tacit approval of America. The United States may have thought twice about giving that support. If they knew the rest of the Western World did not approve.

The decision should have been made, are we part of Europe, or part of America? Are we on the side of peace, or on the side of the warmongers?

The United States of America was born out of opposition to tyranny and colonial oppression. Under their new leadership, it is time to tell Israel to change tactics, to spend money on rebuilding as much as possible of what has been destroyed. Negotiation is the only way, they made their point.

It will do Israel more good helping Lebanon and Palestine recover. Talk about their differences, without the guns loaded and aimed. Terrorists thrive where there are greivances, real or perceived.

We can only hope that Hizb' Allah and Hamas are also willing to adopt a more pragmatic stance.

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Philippines Mud Slide

Another man made disaster has apparently claimed around 1800 innocent human lives. This time caused by the corporate greed of logging companies. On Friday the 17th of February, 2006, a mountain collapsed during an earthquake, following heavy rain.

The resultant massive mudslide enveloped the farming village of Guinsaugon, together with its school, which was full at the time. It is feared that almost every man, woman & child has been lost. Pictures show that there is little sign that the village was ever there.

The mountainside's cover of trees, a natural protection from such slides, had been stripped a few years previously. So this tragedy is the natural result of the inexorable quest for profits. Those responsible should surely be brought to account?

Pakistan Earthquake

Human vulnerability was shown dramatically by the massive earthquake that hit Northern Pakistan & parts of India in October 2005. Despite our high technology society we are still at the mercy of the planet we live on.

The best we can do is respect our Earth, & rally to help people when disaster strikes. The international aid effort on this occasion was impressive. The only way we will move forward is as a result of such co-operative effort.


Hurricane Katrina has shown that the richest, most advanced & powerful country in the World is helpless before nature's fury.

A country that has done so much to help poorer countries in need, yet unable to quickly help her own citizens. They were just not used to being the victims, rather than the saviours.

The media has indulged in a 'feeding frenzy' of laying blame. We, together with many others, received an E-Mail from a Mississipi musician. He points out that his state has been even harder hit than Louisiana, but gets less coverage. Both have been devastated, an over-used word that has real meaning here.

He makes a point that I will repeat in his words "The news media is quick to show you the worst, but aren't so quick to tell you how to help". To all of the media, I know disasters are good copy & stories of people helping one another don't sell. Surely though, you have a moral duty to the society you are part of?

Again I can do no better than print his words, "I know that response sure looks slow, but let's concentrate more on helping others and less on blaming others." So please help whip up support for Katrina's victims, leave hunting for scapegoats to another day.

International Tsunami Disaster.

The Indian Ocean tsunami tradegy has shown the best in humanity throughout the World. That is apart from the hard core, always with us, who see it as an opportunity to profit.

It is to be hoped that the huge amount of money pledged by governments is actually made available in full, and quickly. In previous tragedies governments have pledged money, but much of it has not materialised. Our citizens have been genuinely generous, our governments must do likewise.

For the future, the entire region needs help to cover the high cost of an effective warning system. We can never beat the forces of nature, but given enough time, more people can get out of harms way.

Iraq, Atrocities.

May - June, 2006: Accusations of atrocities by American forces are very disturbing. All in the West are hoping they are not true, but the one thing that must be avoided is any attempt at a cover up. The U.S.A. Government and Military must deal with this matter urgently. Tackle it head on and get to the truth.

Once that truth is known, whatever it is, it must be proclaimed, the entire World will be watching. If the accusations are false, this must be made transparently clear. If the allegations are true, even in part, this must be immediately and openly acknowledged. Then must come the work of prosecuting the offenders, under international law. If there were crimes, they were war crimes and must be treated as such.

America must show the World that anyone committing atrocities will not be protected, whoever they are. We, as their allies, must support them in this.

13th of July, 2005. The Baathist insurgents have reached a new low with the deliberate bombing of a group of happy children. Muslims everywhere, of all sects, must vociferously condemn the things responsible, otherwise they too stand condemned in the eyes of the world. It is not the first time inhuman Muslim extremists have deliberately targeted children.


26th April 2005. Following Syria's final troop withdrawal, Lebanon now stands on her own after 29 years.

We must all wish the country a peaceful transition to free elections & democracy. With no return to the previous partisan violence.

Palestine, Hamas.

January 26th, 2006: Hamas' victory in elections for the Palestinian Lesgislative Council has complicated the situation there. Israel is understandably disconcerted at the prospect of Palestine being run by a terrorist organisation. Hopefully the responsibility of government will cause Hamas to take a more pragmatic view than hitherto.

April 2005. The fragile peace in Israel & Palestine has been endangered by trigger happy Israeli border guards. Teenage boys have been killed, apparently for playing football too near the border. Terrorist groups may not hold to their ceasefire under such provocation.

Instead of making excuses about smuggling, Israel's security forces should investigate the incident fully. Then bring the soldiers concerned to trial, if they have overstepped the mark. Justice & a regard for life cannot be one sided. Otherwise all that has been gained may be lost.

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Holocaust .

On Thursday the 27th of January 2005, we celebrated the 60th anniversary of the liberation of Auswich. We must never forget, lest it could happen again. What will happen when the last survivors of the death camps are no longer able to tell their tale?

Sixty years on from the end of the Second World War, we remember the millions slaughtered by 'human' evil. Only those who experienced it, can truly know the suffering that man inflicted on fellow man.

What must be remembered is that these atrocities were not committed by just a few evil men. An entire society was implicated, either actively or by not standing up for human rights. The type of person who gloried in those obscene activities is still with us, apparently a throwback to a pre-human existence.

Many in this country were sympathetic to the Nazi party and its policies. Many still have similar views, some covertly and some overtly. Programmes of ethnic extermination have been started in various countries around the World, using a variety of methods. The modern euphemism is 'ethnic cleansing'.

Constant vigilence & education is required to prevent the same thing happening again. Here, in what we call the developed or civilised world. Certain people with vested right wing interests deny the Holocaust ever happened, some others choose to believe them.

There should be an overhaul of organisations in this country, certain bodies, set up to protect minorities, are not doing a good job. The Commission for Racial Equality (C.R.E.) is one such, its insistence on keeping records of ethnic origin may one day be the key to a new spate of ethnic cleansing.

The desperate Tory party resorted to playing on ignorant peoples prejudices. It is possible that, one day, we may get an extreme right wing government, ethnic origin records will play into their hands. Similar records, kept innocently enough over many years, allowed the Nazis to persecute & murder huge numbers.

Such information allowed the South African government to arrest couples, accuse them of 'mixed marriage' & force them to divorce or face jail. The C.R.E. should be disbanded, its very name is discriminatory, suggesting that ethnic minorities are a different race.

Definitions: Race; A taxonomic group that is a division of a species; usually arises as a consequence of geographical isolation within a species.
Taxonomy; A classification of organisms into groups based on similarities of structure or origin etc.

Quote: { However, the genes responsible for the hereditary differences between humans are extremely few when compared with the vast number of genes common to all human beings regardless of the race to which they belong.

Many physical anthropologists believe that, because there is as much genetic variation among the members of any given race as there is between different racial groups, the concept of race is ultimately unscientific and racial categories are arbitrary designations.

The term race is inappropriate when applied to national, religious, geographic, linguistic, or ethnic groups, nor can the biological criteria of race be equated with mental characteristics, such as intelligence, personality, or character.

1: All human groups belong to the same species (Homo sapiens) and are mutually fertile. Races arose as a result of mutation, selection, and adaptational changes in human populations. The nature of genetic variation in human beings indicates there has been a common evolution for all races and that racial differentiation occurred relatively late in the history of Homo sapiens.

Theories postulating the very early emergence of racial differentiation have been advanced (e.g., C. S. Coon, The Origin of Races, 1962), but they are now scientifically discredited. }

The C.R.E.'s policies, supporting 'positive discrimination' are just that, 'discrimination'. They have done more to damage relations between our varied ethnic groups than the B.N.P. The idea of 'quotas', which they also advocate, is an anathema to most thinking people.

They are one too many in the long list of QANGOs (Quasi Autonomous Non Governmental Organisations) set up by successive governments. If a body is required, which is doubtful, it should have a different name and agenda. To uphold the principle of 'Universal Equality & Justice'.

Russian bear cub
This little Russian bear cub was orphaned by man's inhumanity & left to starve. Found in time & rescued by caring people's greater humanity. Thanks to IFAW (International Fund for Animal Welfare) & all who support them.

It is time to restore Creative Vision to the World we live in. Conformity has controlled our lives for far too long. This reflects in the lack of any new cultural ideas for many years.

A new Cultural Revolution is needed. Not one like Marxist China's. That was a state sponsored campaign to crush individuality & free thinking wherever it was found.

What we require is a force to make culture, music & the arts a major part of all our lives. This may lift the crushing burden of finance based materialism. Money may not be the root of all evil, but its pursuit above all else has created a drab, sad, soulless world.

A world in which many groups of people find themselves totally excluded from the mainstream. Their extreme poverty & lack of hope frequently makes them easy recruits for manipulative fanatics. Thus it becomes an increasingly dangerous world for all of us.

In mediaeval times the Roman Catholic Church formed the Inquisition to impose religious conformity on the peoples under its control. Tools used included Religious Courts, Excommunication, torture, & Burning at the Stake.

Today financial institutions & states impose financial conformity. Their tools include credit reference database agencies, status reports, courts & credit blacklisting. Not so much physical pain but the pressure to conform is greater than ever. Lives are blighted & ruined even more easily.

Our current government has used the Police & secret services to investigate anyone attempting to get real justice for themselves or others. Including victims of rail crashes etc. Until the fall of communism people of the Russian empire faced similiar scrutiny.

Enslavement to any kind of conformity should be actively resisted. Regardless of whether it is social, cultural, political, religious, scientific, financial or linguistic etc. We are all individuals & capable of equal importance in the scheme of things. This should be respected & encouraged at all levels.

We are now in the sixth year since leaving the worst century in human history. In which we destroyed more of our own kind in wars than ever before. This Twenty-First got off to a very bad start, with an astounding atrocity in its ninth month. Once more using the name of Religion.

It is a sobering thought that in the Twentieth Century A.D. we wiped out more people than existed in the First Century. More than we killed during all previous recorded time. Plus destroying the lives and livelihoods of countless millions more. It was a century in which weapons of true mass destruction were created. In which man made famines and disasters on an unprecedented scale abounded.

Enough chemical & biological weapons are stockpiled worldwide to wipe out all six thousand Million of us several times over. Together with all higher life forms. If these are unleashed, microbes will inherit the earth. Judgement day. Much of this arsenal is in the hands of unsafe & unstable governments.

There is not enough Uranium 235 accessible on this planet to turn it into another sun. But enough is available, fashioned into weapons, to make survival difficult for us. Again a large amount is in the hands of regimes with doubtful ethics & stability.

Our problems in the West are nothing compared to those endured by much of the world's population. Such a small proportion of the developed world's resources would make such a vast difference if only the will was there. Hope springs eternal, but real action is needed, urgently.

We consider ourselves developed because our technological society has evolved, giving us material wealth. But it has not given us cultural wealth, perhaps our humanity needs to evolve, to keep pace?

It was also a century in which man boasted more positive achievements in many areas than ever before. In which, for the first time, true advances in medical science were made. More people live further into old age than ever before. Unfortunately more live in lonely misery, abandoned by their families, than ever before. In the less developed countries more die of starvation than ever before.

Many of the advances predicted by scientists & writers in the 19th century have been achieved. Babbage's analytical engine has evolved into ever more powerful computers. Eventually these may become capable of truly thinking and making independent decisions. God help us all if we get this one wrong.

Man landed on the moon, though using a rocket rather than a cannon as Jules Verne suggested or anit-gravity plating a la H.G. Wells. Submarines using electric motors for underwater propulsion also came about, although those motors are rotary, not piston driven as Jules Verne thought. Most, of course, are military machines, designed for destruction, so he was spot on in that respect.

Unfortunately George Orwell's 1984 has largely come true. Big Brother does now exist and controls all our lives in Western society. At the moment this is mainly at a financial level. World wide databases show almost everyone's credit history, likes, dislikes and buying patterns. This information is currently used for social control, targeting 'junk' mail or telephone sales, etc.

Genetic control of humans by selective breeding and sterilisation was attempted in Hitler's Germany. Selective sterilisation for the same purpose was also practiced in Sweden until the late 1960s. The theories behind these atrocities were unscientific and have since been discredited.

Now genetic science has advanced enough to give real control over peoples lives and existence to large corporations as well as governments. Already in America anyone found, during routine medical screening, to have a perceived genetic disposition to heart disease, cancer, or various mental problems may go on a credit blacklist. We will soon follow, if we have not done so already.

The next step will be to decide who gets medical treatment, based on such information, who lives and who is allowed to die. It is only a matter of time before genetic screening becomes compulsory. How long after that to the point of routine non-reversible sterilisation of all children soon after birth if they fail to meet the criteria set?

The 'science' of genetics is in its infancy, but a little knowledge is dangerous.

Science does need to be controlled to truly advance mankind, but similiar controls on politicians are needed. It is more important than ever that everyone takes part in the democratic process. Otherwise that process will cease to exist and a darker age than ever before will dawn.

Sweden believed that being poor or an unmarried parent was a genetic disorder & could be eliminated by compulsory sterilisation. It was only stopped because the influential middle classes wished for a free life style & the 'eugenic' legislation posed a danger to them.

Author; Ron Lebar.


Post Script

Scientists are proud of themselves for having eventually recorded the entire human gene sequence. However, with the current state of true knowledge this may be likened to a person with limited education having finally counted the number of words in Shakespeare's works.

That number will have limited usefulness, without knowing the full meaning of each word, their syntax and the meaning of all possible combinations. Experimentally changing words is not likely to produce another masterpiece, merely ruin what took a long time and genius to create.

Tolstoy uses similiar words to Shakespeare, at least after translation, yet his writings are quite different. There is not a specific word or even a group of words that distinguishes a comedy, tragedy or serious literature.

Put another way, in a Gothic cathedral there is not a particular stone making it a cathedral and not a warehouse. It is the shape and combination of all stones that define the building.

We and all other life are far more complex than any work of literature or architecture. Adding a firefly gene to make a cabbage glow in the dark illuminates the childlike level of current 'research'. This is a subject that should remain in the academic realm for some time to come. Mankind is nowhere near ready to make practical use of what knowledge has been attained.

We are playing (literally) with fire.

There is not going to be a specific gene that makes a genius, a weight-lifter, or even just a human being. It is the one complete combination out of countless billions that make each of us what we are. The long term consequences of current experimentation are beyond our present ability to predict.

Companies were started up on the basis of providing 'gene therapy'. All difficult & genetic diseases could now be cured. After one or two apparent success stories a programme was started, serious money was invested. Further cases failed to follow on from the initial good fortune, then the inevitable happened. Someone died as a result of such treatment.

Pre-war Germany's and Sweden's scientists thought they had genuine knowledge of genetics. In reality all they had, then called eugenics, was conjecture and guesswork. They had no more real genetic knowledge than a butcher, which, in truth, is what they were. All of them were totally wrong as well as wicked and totally immoral. We should learn from history and leave well alone.

The Hypocratic Oath says 'Do No Harm'.


Lies & Damned Lies

The last three decades of the Twentieth Century could also have been called the age of the LIE. We were constantly bombarded with unsolicited mail making all kinds of promises, few had any basis in truth. As computers took hold & databases covering the population became more detailed this storage power was used to make mailshots appear to be personal letters to the recipient alone.

A well known publisher sent out regular mailings saying something like "You have definitely won a quarter of a million pounds". They are still doing it! Many others are still copying them. Has anyone actually received these huge sums? Apparently our weak customer protection 'laws' are powerless.

A typical dummy cheque received, as part of a promotion, from a well known charity.

We have removed identifying names etc. Strangely, the organisation concerned is genuine & appears to do a good job. We, as do many others, support them financially in a small way. It is a shame they feel the need for this kind of suspect marketing.

The majority of advertisements give little or no real information about a product. They are almost all 'hype', meaningless jumbles of misused words intended to confuse and impress. Over the last few years this has become increasingly true, even for professional products.

Industrial, professional, & 'high end audio' components have gone down the same road. So called specification or application sheets are often just thinly disguised marketing hype. Anyone wishing to use such parts, starts from a position of ignorance. Buying a sample & experimenting is the only way to see if it is any good. Much equipment comes to market ill fitted for its purpose as a result.

It says a lot when potential customers are labeled as 'consumers', an insulting term which itself is untrue. We do not 'consume' books, domestic electrical goods or other hardware. In fact the word strictly has no meaning since matter or energy can not be consumed, merely moved. In theory there is still the same amount of matter & energy as when the universe was created.

A Warning for Businesses


Tele-sales have been an increasing problem, particularly for businesses, over the last thirty years. Since the advent of FAX this has also been used. Particular culprits have been publishing companies selling space for adverts in marvelous directories. These usually turn out to be once only efforts with a name chosen to sound like a well known publication.

If you agree to a cheap advert, they then ring you back with a once only offer you can't refuse. There is just one large space left, possibly due to a cancellation. They will let you have it at a bargain price, no payment required until publication.

You will eventually get a bill that is much more than expected, together with your complimentary copy of the publication. You will get no custom from this outlay, probably only their victims receive a copy of the rag concerned.

Of course a few may be genuine, they should probably be using our excellent Mail service instead. This is not really intrusive & does not usually cause disruption. Mailshots, as long as they are truthful, can be read, acted upon, thrown away or used for packing.

The best way to keep the predators at bay is to register with the FAX & Telephone Preference Services. This is an E.U. initiative to provide some protection for businesses. Previously it was only available for households. Well worth while.

E-Mails are the current favourite method, take care. It may be best to delete any that look suspect without opening them, malicious viruses are also a growing problem.

At least one of the best known E-Mail programmes has a problem in that it can, dependent on settings, open E-Mails automatically as soon as they are highlighted. Beware!

2006, Year 6 of this century is now in its ninth month. Despite many setbacks, signs of hope remain. Voices of sanity are still to be heard, terrorists are still trying to drown them out.

The Taliban insurgency in Afghanistan is ever more serious, though not yet completely out of control. Stability remains fragile, their government needs the wisdom of Solomon to hold it together. The terrorists have started to reverse some of the gains made previously.

We should all wish the country well, the ordinary people have suffered too much for too long. It is important that they are helped & encouraged to develop a prosperous & sustainable economy. If they are eventually able to join the International Community, terrorists will find disruption more difficult.

The tragedies in Africa still attract less attention than they should, we should be helping there. Our colonial past gives us a duty of care, we & other European countries planted the seeds of current troubles. As we did in the Indian sub-continent & the Middle East.


The election in Iraq, with its high turnout, was a good start to last year. Terrorists failed to halt the drive towards democracy in most of the country, although their attempts have cost many lives. Most people welcomed the chance of a new start, after long years of repression.

Prophets of doom predict a civil war, some even say it is at that stage now. Right will prevail in the end, but it will be a long struggle. The people of Britain & America must remain supportive of the efforts being made. The future peace & stability of the world depends on it.

Both our countries have of course not been angels in the past. After all, we were jointly responsible for arming Saddam in the first place. Because Iran was perceived as a more serious threat. We should be careful, from now on, to choose our friends on the basis of ethics, not commercial or political expediency. Past mistakes should be learnt from, not dwelt on or repeated.


The situation in Palestine has changed dramatically since the election of the Hamas Government. This change has enraged many people & much needed funding has been withdrawn. It must be remembered by all concerned that the election result was the will of the Palestinian people. Everyone concerned should put aside intolerance & bend a little. Again all should learn from the past, or will continue repeating it.

The people of Israel need to ponder over the fact that they invented modern terrorism. Some of the terror tactics used against them originally won them freedom from British rule. At that time post WW2 Britain was tired of war & death. Modern technology has made such methods chillingly more effective.

The Palestinian people should be wholeheartedly helped & encouraged towards prosperity. This, together with true autonomous Statehood, is the only way to ensure long term stability. Otherwise the region will remain a 'powder keg', waiting to blow up again. History has taught that an imposed settlement will not last.

Three major world religions evolved from the teachings of Abraham & successors. Judaism, Christianity & Islam. Differences between them have caused much of the World's troubles. They need to get together & celebrate their common history. Rather than fight over those later differences. The same applies to all factions of these religions.

Perhaps then we can all work towards equality of all peoples. Cultural & religious diversity should be a unifying source of strength. Not, as at present, a cause for constant destructive conflict. It should be possible for the greatness of humanity to outclass our apparent development from lower beasts.

Evil does exist in all our societies. Together with other faiths, Jews, Christians & Muslims must hunt down & eliminate those responsible. Some people have not developed the humanity that makes it possible for us all to survive together. They will never fit in, remaining a problem unless removed.

Many posess personal charm & charisma. History shows that the disadvantaged or weak frequently fall under their spell.

Modern technology & transport has been a boon for mankind. Unfortunately it has also proved a boon for terrorists. Every advance has the potential for corruption & diversion to evil ends.

Northern Ireland has shown that a seemingly intractable problem can respond to political negotiation. Determination, hard work over a long period & wisdom are needed. This last is in short supply, but does exist, the right people must be chosen. A required attribute for all negotiators is an ability to see the other side's point of view, but still remain firm & true to principles.

Once agreement has been reached, constant effort is required to keep it together.


Instead of commercial or other forms of predation we should be looking out for one another at all levels. The survival of our species depends on it. Everyone should help protect their neighbours, especially if they are vulnerable. The strong should protect the weak, the wealthy should help those less well off.

This is called civilisation. We still seem to be moving away from it at an alarming rate.

Large, powerful companies should help smaller, less successful firms. The benefits will be mutual provided good money is not thrown after bad. Large powerful countries should help small struggling nations & protect them from aggressors. Without making them dependent.

Toppling of Dictators or Oligarchies with bad civil rights records should not be shied away from.

The Global economy is an essential part of life on Earth. In today's World no country can or should remain isolated. The World Trade Organisation, a target for fanatical terrorists, is potentially a unifying influence for our planet. Only however, if it is truly World wide. Every major city in every country should have a World Trade Centre. It is essential that all peoples share the benefits.

While it is perceived as a club for the rich & powerful only it is not doing a good job.

Everything good is worth fighting for. A truly international policing body with real power & muscle is needed to ensure all countries abide by a common minimum standard of humanity. Building on the concept of the United Nations but much more. Something like Utopia is possible if enough people have the will. This would surely be better than eventual extinction at our own hands?


He who knows not & knows that he knows not. He is ignorant, teach him:
He who knows & knows that he knows. He is wise, honour him:
He who knows not & knows not that he knows not. He is a fool, despise him:
He who knows & knows not that he knows. He is asleep, wake him.
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Thoughts. Updated on the 27th of January 2008. Ron Lebar, Author.