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COVID-19 Pandemic. We wish everyone well during this trying time. It is difficult for most people and we have profound sympathy for all those adversely affectly by this unprecedented situation.

Please remember the NHS staff who are continuing to serve this country, despite the risk to themselves.

We are also grateful to all the others worker who are keeping us all supplied at home. The Postmen and Post Office workers who take on the frequently risky job of getting us our mail & parcels. The large army of warehouse packers, delivery drivers and couriers getting us goods & food etc.

The engineers and maintenance staff who keep our Internet services going, despite exceptional demand, with so many of us working from home.

Without them we would be in serious trouble, at this time of long supermarket queues and firms supplying only by delivery.

Saturday the 23rd of May is the birthday of Robert Moog, he would have been 86, his legacy lives on in the world of music. It is also my birthday, although I am some years younger. A small coincidence, given my dedication to analogue synthesisers, especially Minimoogs.

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Hammond Tone Wheel organs, Rhodes & Fender Rhodes electric pianos. Wurlitzer electric pianos, Hohner Clavinet clavichords, Yamaha CP70 & CP80 portable electric grand pianos.

Other Electro-Mechanical Classics & Leslie rotary speakers,

Electronic favourites include: Minimoog analogue synthesisers, the Moog Voyager series, original Taurus 1 pedals etc.   VOX Continental organs etc.

We repair other electronic classics to a high standard: Sequential analogue & digital hybrid synthesisers.

Oberheim analogue synthesizers, ARP synthesisers, early Roland, Yamaha & Korg analogue synthesisers etc.

We service other early instruments, e.g. EMS VCS3, an English synthesiser, inspired by the Moog Modulars, which has become more valuable of late..

As well as less well known or rare American & European analogue synthesisers. We also service or customise modern instruments etc.

Musical instrument restoration, repair, service, updating, theory. 50 Years in the U.K. (G.B.) Music Industry. If you are in Britain (England), Caledonia (Scotland), Cymru (Wales), Eire (Southern Ireland), Ulster (Northern Ireland) or many other countries. Just remember, with modern transport, it's a small World.

Links to pages covering some of my personal interests. Sections on music technology, music theory, tuning & harmony. Harmonic deviation (inharmonicity), various scales & intonation systems.

The behaviour of piano strings, design features & constraints. Building techniques, materials used & characteristics. Modern & traditional electronic theory. Electrical & electromagnetic theory.

My opinions on the Universe, physics, reality, relativity & associated subjects are also included.